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Voice Lessons

[ Third-year student Jackie ]

We pride ourselves in fostering a love for singing, cultivating each student's potential, and maintaining the highest standards in vocal and music education. Beginners and advanced students alike will study vocal technique in depth, music reading and ear training for singers, and music from the classical, Broadway, and pop music repertoires. For students in high school and beyond, lessons may be more specialized and focused on a particular genre of music, but an excellent technical foundation is always the first priority, as it allows vocalists to grow into their potential and have the physical tools to sing a variety of music.

We teach beginning through advanced students, and children from the age of eight, as well as adults. It is also strongly recommended that vocalists study piano along with singing, whether at our studio or another. Combination voice and piano lessons and discounts for students taking separate lessons in each are available within the studio. Students who are twelve and younger are required to study piano at least at a basic level, as a part of their musical training, and can enroll in combination lessons. We also offer participation in the Certificate of Merit program.

Check out our instructor bios, and feel free to call for a complimentary consultation, read through our FAQs for lots of information on how lessons work, and learn more about how important music education is, your role as a parent, and how to choose a teacher in our Articles section. Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy singing!