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Recommended Voice Books & Piano Books

Voice Books and Piano books for singers who want to learn how to sing
and piano students learning piano

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Voice books for singers

  Classical Music

For beginning-intermediate classical singers – good for teens studying voice. (“Easy
  Songs” good for young teens learning to sing).

  Musical Theatre Music

  The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Series
Good for older teens and adults who study music theatre – original keys, great library,
  essential audition pieces. CD sets of piano accompaniment now available for all volumes.

  Song Collections for children

  Folk Songs: (comes with/without CD – good for all ages/styles/levels)

  Theory/Site-Singing (essential musicianship for singers)

Piano books lea

  For beginning piano studentsn

  The Music Tree Series
Good for young beginners

   Music for Little Mozarts Series
Good for very young beginners

    For all piano students:



More Piano Books


These piano and voice books are used and recommended by private instructor Heidi Yost. These voices books and piano books can help you, whether you're a young beginner, adult beginner or an intermediate student. Browse the book list above and find and learn about a particular voice or piano book by clicking on the link. Or, if you already know which materials you're looking for, we hope it is listed here under Heidi's lesson books for piano and voice (singing).








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